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The Unexplored Places

Apr 4, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: description of body horror [throughout], detailed description of body horror [0:09:55-0:10:15, 0:56:25-0:58:05, 1:02:55-1:04:23], discussion of debilitating injury, discussion and depiction of drug use (inhaled, opiate) [1:17:20-1:19:00]

It may seem surprising, how commonplace the demons of Antarras became, to the people who decided to make it their home. Incomprehensible beings made up of nothing but pure terror itself, aberrations to the degree that so much as catching a glimpse of one in the distance was enough to make you question everything you’d ever been taught about the existence of anything even resembling a God. 

But maybe this is how the people back on Earth felt, in the face of their own horrors, their own disasters. You can only be scared for so long, after all, before reality takes over. Folks need to eat, after all. To eat, and work, and rest, and love, and everything in between, and fear can only take you so far. The demons were there, sure, but to most they were less material than they ought to have been. That was, at least, until you came face to face with one, and suddenly couldn’t keep pretending that they were just scary stories told to keep everyone else in line. 

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: A showdown and a daring escape. 


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