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The Unexplored Places

Feb 25, 2020


Dear all,

It has come to our attention that a number of our employees have been leaving sensitive information carelessly exposed, whether by neglecting to keep their account information updated in accordance with Network’s guidelines on digital privacy management re: passkey updates, or by neglecting to close out of private or classified personal files on shared work terminals. 

This kind of behavior, whether neglectful or deliberate, is absolutely unacceptable of journalists, presenters, and technicians working within the Culture & Arts Council.

As Tango Sector’s source of reliable information and breaking news, Terminus News Network prides itself on the exclusivity and authentication of all information that passes across our screens. Data leaks or gaps in security protocol risk compromising the Network as a whole. This behavior will not be tolerated, and beginning today failure to properly account for your personal account security and follow the Council’s guidelines on digital privacy management will result in the immediate termination of your Network employment contract.

This week, on Tango Sector: Split up and each taking care of separate steps in their plan to upload the Unknown State’s information to the Terminus News Network servers, the crew suddenly encounters a crucial lack of communication skills. Claus makes a judgment call. Melas improvises. Flux deals with the evidence. 

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