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The Unexplored Places

Mar 24, 2020

Welcome to Apogee! 

Perched atop a snowy, picturesque mountain top just several hours north of Terminus City Central, Apogee is the ultimate retreat for recovering guests under the careful eye of the Circadia Complex’s top medical and recovery professionals. 

Not only will you receive access to around the clock care to ensure your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible, but you will also have access to Apogee’s many amenities, including its mountaintop crystal spa, several hot spring ponds filled with salts and essential oils conducive to the recovery process, on-call masseurs and other spa treatments, and a below ground pool and sensory deprivation meditation chamber. 

For those looking to maintain privacy and anonymity during their stay, Apogee provides inroom healing treatments and all other amenities can be accessed on a private scheduled basis in order to best maintain the level of discretion that suits each and every guest. Our in house chefs and dieticians create bespoke daily menus for each and every guest’s own needs, and private nurses can be accommodated with advance notice. 

Wrap up on your own personal balcony and enjoy the refreshing alpine air, under the best post-op care that money can buy. 

We hope you enjoy your stay.


This week, on Tango Sector: In the basement of the Apogee recovery facility, the crew tracks down the location of Captain Rhea Espinosa and attempts to make a quick and dramatic exit. Cash negotiates some unexpected help. Liam shows off some impressive prowess. 

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