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The Unexplored Places

Sep 8, 2020




glad to hear the test was a success. about time somebody got something useful out of one of these. if you can get here by the end of the week i think we can sync up and see if there’s a plausible reaction here. from what yelena’s told me of ascalon it sounds like you’re well ahead of any of the rest of us so i’m looking forward to getting a look at it, hearing how you solved the interference problem. 

let me know when you expect to get in. i’ll roll out the red carpet for you. 

omega blue


This week, on Tango Sector: Aboard the wreck of the Blackford & Desai research vessel the Lorelai, the crew of Pelagian rushes to find the Remnant artifact they’ve been sent to collect before reinforcements arrive. Serant finds a path forward. Liam clears the way. Cash and Claus try to calm some nerves. Flux has an unexpected encounter. 


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