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The Unexplored Places

Sep 24, 2019

[ Excerpt taken from' with permission of the author ] 

Lights. Camera. Action!

I believe it was this critic’s favorite, other, critic, Anton Id, who said that “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy.” Indeed, a theatre critic’s work...

Sep 17, 2019

Catfishes!: The Rock Opera at the Gargoyle Theatre Promises to Delight, Disgust, and Despair

by Jorb Jarvis, Daily Albacore Quay Gazette

The Gargoyle Theatre, known primarily in Albacore Quay for its middle-of-the-road theatrical productions and its excellent Children's Theatre Tuesdays, is staging its riskiest venture...

Sep 10, 2019



Seeking actors, singers, and musicians for the world premiere of the new musical Catfishes!: The Rock Opera, to open at the Gargoyle Theatre on Main Street on September 17th. Written and composed by local auteur Lloyd Webb-Andrews, Catfishes! is a...