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The Unexplored Places

Sep 24, 2019

[ Excerpt taken from' with permission of the author ] 

Lights. Camera. Action!

I believe it was this critic’s favorite, other, critic, Anton Id, who said that “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy.” Indeed, a theatre critic’s work is easy when presented with a piece that is, at once, deeply daring, deeply discerning, and deeply debatable… “Spiderman: Turn Out the Dark” comes to mind, as does 2002’s “Dance of the Vampires” (featuring this critic’s favorite popular song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”), and Frankie Muniz’s one-man take on “Shrek: The Musical.”

Catfishes: The Rock Opera is the next in this long, storied line of theatrical titans, playing now at Albacore Quay’s own Grand Gargoyle. Lloyd Webb-Andrews’ vision will stare deeply into your soul, begging the immortal question: “Why do I feel this way?” This critic says: this is good. This. Is art.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this critic’s favorites: “I am More than the Sum of my Scales”, an impassioned, 30-minute solo, “Are We Catfishes, or Catfish?”, a thoughtful meditation on grammar, and a delightful — and lengthy — water & crotales solo in the third act.

Thank you, as always, for reading Blog’s Office, authored by yours truly, Cardamom Rigby.

EDIT: “Catfishes: THE Rock Opera” has closed.

Let us rage, rage against the passing of the light.


This week on The Unexplored Places, the long-awaited finale of a group of obnoxious musical theatre adults playing a disastrous group of obnoxious musical theatre adults in this three-part Fiasco.

Fiasco is by Jason Morningstar. The playset Fiasco! A Rock Opera is by Zach W. Lorton. Episode art is taken from the cover of the playset.

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