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The Unexplored Places

Aug 22, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: missing child, discussion of parental death and grief, blinding [48:30]

If you take the word of the people who’ve made their names in Ruin’s Gate—and usually, dear reader, I am just wise enough to remember to do that—then the thing you most need to survive out here isn’t luck, or money, or knowing the right people. It’s something else altogether. Take, for instance, a game of Covenant. Odds are, you’re as likely to draw a hand of snakes as you are to end up with a pile of stones, but if you stop playing the game when you’ve only just drawn your hand, you’re missing the entire point. It isn’t just that any hand can win if you know how to play your cards: it’s that the whole point of playing is to leverage those cards to your own benefit. Every card, no matter how low, is an opportunity, and the people who thrive out here are the ones who’ve learned to see the right round to play it in.  

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: A desperate race from danger. 



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