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The Unexplored Places

Sep 5, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: drug use [1:01:42-1:03:22], brief depictions of body horror [1:28:18-1:34-13]

People found all sorts of ways to cope with the uncertainty that came coupled with living somewhere as dangerous as the frontier. Some turned to drink, to gambling, to all the vices known to mankind, as could be expected. Some to violence, to stupor, to fantasy. Some, of course, turned to God and all his attendant mercies, to praying their rosaries and church on Sundays. And others still turned towards each other, to the workaday pleasures of tipping your hat as you pass someone on the street, lending a hand when it’s needed. It’s those last ones who run the risk of being forgotten, in these kinds of histories, these tales of how the world we know came to be how it is. But it’s those same people who built the floors we tread, who kept the walls standing upright. And when things on Antarras began to go badly, they were the ones left picking up the pieces. 

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: A storm hits the Gate. 


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