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The Unexplored Places

Oct 17, 2023

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that there is no limit to what the Company would do to keep its grip on Antarras tight, but that doesn’t mean the average person really understands the depths of the Company’s machinations. What’s worse, where it used to be the case that one could tell a Company member a mile away, from their dress, their deportment, or their demeanor, the decision makers higher up quickly learned that most Antarrans were conditioned to keep mum around anyone with a whiff of the Company about them, and made a move to arrange for operants under cover. No matter how strong a town’s collective spirit, there would always be one sucker hungry enough or tired enough or cowardly enough to accept an offer to pass along seemingly innocent information in exchange for a few coin, and when that didn’t work, well, the Company started hiring people who could act. 


This week, on Ruin’s Gate: X marks the spot.   



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