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The Unexplored Places

Nov 14, 2023

People always supposed it might be possible, that somebody lived out in the Ruin. In fact, I reckon most people assumed it had to be true. As dangerous and downright undesirable as it seemed, we’d made a home of Antarras out of a desire to find freedom and a chance at a better life, so why not the Ruin too? But the question was never taken all that seriously. Surely, anybody who chose to live out there would be a loner, a strange or lost soul, who probably wouldn’t last long enough to make any trouble for anybody decent. The hellstone’d mutate them til they turned into just another monster, or the monsters would kill them before it got the chance. There were too many problems sitting right at our doorsteps to consider what might be lurking far enough away we’d never have to face it ourselves. 

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: Foreshadows of things to come.




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