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The Unexplored Places

Jun 29, 2021

CONTENT WARNINGS: panic attack, hostage situation, police violence, severe injury and medical procedures 



You wouldn’t have believed it, if you’d been there: the way the sky lit up, electric blue, the way the whole horizon at sunset jumped from oranges and pinks to the coldest, brightest blue. I thought I was imagining it, for a second, thought something was wrong with these ocular implants, they’re starting to get pretty old and I haven’t been able to afford an upgrade in a few years. 

But everyone else in the bar seemed to see it, too. The bartender rushed over and pushed the metal shades up higher to give us a better view of the sky. And pretty soon we could see that it wasn’t the whole sky, just a little sliver of it, like someone had cut through the atmosphere with a vibroblade and left behind a scar of blue light. Rising up out of the jungle, or reaching down towards it, it’s impossible to say. 

Behind me, at one of the tables, people started taking bets. Some B&D experiment gone nuclear out in the deepest part of the jungle. An alien weapon, a Martinet attack on some secret hideout, a freak accident. Not me, though. If I was a betting man, maybe I would have tossed a few cred in, and I would have won big, because the second I saw it, I knew. That was Remnant blue. 


This week, on Tango Sector: Aboard Torus Station, the crew finds themself in a sticky situation; about Pelagian, they find themselves in over their head. Cash twists the fabric of reality. Melas ends up in a bad position. Kala’ax thinks on his feet. Flux stays out of sight. Liam uses the lessons Claus taught him. 


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