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The Unexplored Places

Oct 5, 2021

CONTENT WARNINGS: depictions of extreme violence and severe injury, temporary blindness


. . . The technology seen here is markedly different from that which we have grown used to in our own society—different mechanical parts, different points of connection. The internal logic of the mechanical structure is akin to reading another language in the same script: familiar letters, unfamiliar words, foreign grammar. Some of the pieces are obvious, but the shape of the thing is impossible to conceive of fully. 

When we first awoke the remnant, which seemed to be dormant while still having some power either stored or generated from somewhere within its chassis, it was not the remnant that began to move but several nearby pieces of scrap metal from the wreckage. There appeared to be some sort of interference from the technology, some kind of resonant hum creating a field of activity in the area. However, once we cleared away the interference, the chassis came to life, silently observing the group of us through almost-familiar eyes . . . 

This week, on Tango Sector: Finally face to face with the beacon—and not the only ones there to make a grab for it—the crew of Pelagian puzzles out a way forward without all the information they need. Melas thinks on his feet. Kala’ax rushes into the fray. Flux reaches out for help. 

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