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The Unexplored Places

Mar 21, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: earthquakes, discussion of reactions to natural disaster [0:50:42-0:52:46], detailed description of body horror [1:29:12-end]

More than anything, what the Gate had going for it by the end was just that: the gate, a constructed visualization of what was, ultimately, a rather ephemeral boundary between...

Mar 7, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: brief discussion of drugs (opiates, inhaled) [0:55:02-0:55:58], brief description of body horror [1:10:09-1:10:22]

Civilization has a habit of springing up in the unlikeliest of places, and Ruin’s Gate is no exception to that. Like flowers growing up through cracks in the concrete back on Earth, as...

Feb 21, 2023

Now, there are all sorts of reasons people took to calling it the Ruin. Folk etymologies vary from “ruined land” to “land that will ruin you” to everything in between. An open wound cut across the surface of Antarras, and hellstone pouring out of it like blood. The frontier, the uncivilized space between towns,...

Feb 7, 2023

Once upon a time I might have poetically chosen to call Ruin’s Gate a “sleepy little town.” Hardly a town at all, in fact: a pilgrimage site and a few places for the specters to eat and drink and stay on their way to and from the hellstone mines. Not the sort of place you’d want to raise a family, and not...

Jan 24, 2023

Join us this week for character and posse creation for Ruin’s Gate, in A Fistful of Darkness by Stefan Struck, a hack of Blades in the Dark by John Harper


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