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The Unexplored Places

Dec 27, 2022

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 1816


Just this past Saturday, at Lord Daelyngridge’s annual spring fête, amidst a performance of the glorious opera Cat Fishes: or, the Trial of the King from London’s own Fish & Quips Players, a sudden death interrupted the final scenes of the play, disrupting the performance and sowing chaos and confusion amidst Lord Daelyngridge’s esteemed guests. 

What led to the tragic death at the Daelyngridge Estate this weekend last? None witness to the event can truly say, nor corroborate any individual story, and in the absence of authentic information we have been assailed by a storm of rumors which has prevented our distinguishing error from truth. Now, however, that the storm is past and, like the calm waters of the ocean on the clearest of days, we are once again able to see the horizon beyond, we have been granted the clarity and serenity to contemplate the situation at hand, and fish truth from the waves of deceit. The truth, it seems, maybe stranger still than the stories told to make sense of it…


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