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The Unexplored Places

Sep 6, 2022

CONTENT WARNINGS: drowning (0:31:18 to 0:34:42), emotional manipulation (0:56:07 to 1:08:44), body dysmorphia (0:54:16 to 0:54:45, 1:22:31 to 1:29:29), emotional abuse (1:13:42 to 1:20:59)


In pursuit of answers, our heroes enter an abandoned funhouse… and find themselves in Fearmonger’s grasp, and their own worst nightmares! In ISSUE #08: HALL OF MIRRORS, RUSALKA receives a tempting offer, THE MUTANT faces the worst version of himself, and SILVER SPIRIT is haunted by a ghost from his past. 


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Art by Ben Prevas
Music by Andrew: