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The Unexplored Places

Sep 10, 2019



Seeking actors, singers, and musicians for the world premiere of the new musical Catfishes!: The Rock Opera, to open at the Gargoyle Theatre on Main Street on September 17th. Written and composed by local auteur Lloyd Webb-Andrews, Catfishes! is a stunning meditation on the life of the catfish. To audition, please prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and 32 bars of a rock song of your choice.

For further information, contact the Gargoyle's casting department by emailing 


This month on The Unexplored Places, join a group of obnoxious musical theatre adults playing a disastrous group of obnoxious musical theatre adults in this three-part Fiasco.

Fiasco is by Jason Morningstar. The playset Fiasco! A Rock Opera is by Zach W. Lorton. Episode art is taken from the cover of the playset.

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