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The Unexplored Places

Feb 21, 2023

Now, there are all sorts of reasons people took to calling it the Ruin. Folk etymologies vary from “ruined land” to “land that will ruin you” to everything in between. An open wound cut across the surface of Antarras, and hellstone pouring out of it like blood. The frontier, the uncivilized space between towns, is dangerous on Antarras, teeming with beasts and outlaws and all manner of troubles. But the Ruin is, far as anyone can tell, where the demons come from: the hellhounds, the monsters, the shadows of something stranger on the horizon. 

Even the specters were reluctant when it first became apparent that hellstone deposits outside the Ruin were negligible compared to the wealth of what they'd find inside the Ruin. Records show a half dozen squads quit rather than sentence themselves to what they thought was certain death, digging stones out of the blood-red clay. They weren’t wrong: the track record hadn’t been good, up til that point. But, in a long string of debates, the need for hellstone won out, and the Guild set up new mines, overflowing with hellstone the second they broke ground. 

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: The gang attempts a stealth mission. 


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