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The Unexplored Places

Dec 26, 2023

Strange stories, sometimes, circulate in quiet whispers about the work that goes on deep beneath the ground under the Manufactory. Necessary research, no doubt—after all, if it hadn’t been for scientists like Greer experimenting with hellstone, this planet would be more of a graveyard than it already is. But “necessary” doesn’t always mean something bears thinking about, and imaginations tend to run wild when given free rein to speculate about what happens where you aren’t meant to see.

Dark and dangerous experiments, some say. Twisted trials on grotesque specimen. I’d reckon, if pressed, that it’s a whole lot more mundane than all that, the boring kind of science that makes real progress, not much of anything to the untrained eye. But so long as something is secret, the stories will spread, no matter how banal the truth may rightly be

This week, on Ruin’s Gate: How do you feel about borrowing? 




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