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The Unexplored Places

Apr 21, 2020


AE: What time did you notice that the item was missing from the vault? 

JN: When Praetor Zeal used her pass to open the vault.

AE: And what time was that?

JN: She called you right after, I mean, [garbled]

AE: It’s for the record, Naismith. I need you to say it, for the record. 

JN: It was around four.

AE: And prior to Zeal entering the vault and seeing that it was missing, when did you last see the item?

JN: When did I last see it? I don’t think I ever saw it. I wasn’t on shift when you guys put it in the vault, I don’t have access to the vault—

AE: [overlapping] There’s no need to raise your voice, Naismith. It’s just a formality.

JN: I just stand where you people tell me to stand and make sure no one tries to go in who isn’t supposed to go in! And no one did, while I was on shift! The Praetor was the only person I saw, the entire time I was guarding the vault, and I told you that already so I don’t understand why you had to bring me into an interrogation room—

AE: This isn’t an interrogation. 

JN: Well it feels like one! I got the nervous sweats over here, and I didn’t even do anything wrong. Are you always this scary? 

AE: Did anyone else attempt to enter into or come out of the vault during your shift, prior to Praetor Zeal’s arrival? 

JN: Of course not, I would have said something if—

AE: For the record. 

[a pause]

JN: No. No one attempted to enter or exit the vault during my shift. 

AE: And did you hear anything, from inside the vault?

JN: Inside the vault? What the fuck, is that thing alive?

This week, on Tango Sector: In the center of Orith City, an auction is about to be held, whether or not the crew of Pelagian can manage to recover the deposit of animum being auctioned before it begins. Claus goes to the library. Melas solves a problem he created. Cash dons the guise of an old friend. Flux spies on a nearby ship. Liam does a bit of kidnapping.

CONTENT WARNING: loud static and noise

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