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The Unexplored Places

Dec 1, 2020

[ excerpted from the private correspondences of Dr. Olivia Key ]

The problem is that without a catalyst, there’s nothing more we can do from here. There’s no next step. And we’ve run low on potential catalysts. Everything else we have tried has done something, but none of it has had the intended effect. If we’re to find an alteration that will truly make immortality possible, well… yes, I realize it’s quite a lot of trouble, but having someone who actually appears to be, for all intents and purposes, immortal certainly feels like an obvious fucking solution. It’s just my rotten damn luck that a whole crew of pirates somehow gained immortality and yet only one of them has standard human DNA. 

Just… just keep them on the run long enough that they tire out and we’ll be able to apprehend them again. Kill the others for all I care. And that other crew, the one that keeps showing up to help them… well, I’ll figure something else out to get them out of the way. 


This week, on Tango Sector: Aboard the Court in Apogee, the crew is finally ready to make their attempt to get an audience with the Queen when an unexpected setback throws things into chaos. Cash orders a drink. Claus gets caught up. Serant steps in. 

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