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The Unexplored Places

Jul 27, 2021


Our campus is a peaceful and productive oasis of academic inquiry located in the heart of bustling Terminus City, surrounded by art, culture, and excitement on all sides. Within the campus’ state of the art facilities, Terminus School of Arts and Sciences offers an array of academic opportunities for enterprising young minds and inquiring young spirits alike. One hardly needs leave the quiet of the University’s twelve libraries, brand new lecture halls and study spaces, and affiliated research institutes, but just beyond the school’s walls lie access to everything one could need to supplement their academic life, from museums to open-air parks to the best internship opportunities in business, research, and government available in the Sector. Terminus School of Arts and Sciences strives to provide a holistic and enriching environment in which young scholars can exercise their minds, expand their limits, and enjoy all there is to see and do in Tango Sector’s remarkable capitol city.

This week, on Tango Sector: Deep beneath Terminus City, Claus has sent a message asking for someone to come rescue him, and with the help of the Unity Anti-Union Unincorporation, the crew just might be able to do so. Liam avoids facing some additional danger. Baz uses their technical skills to help out. Claus finds himself in a surprising situation. 

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