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The Unexplored Places

Sep 20, 2022

Three weeks after the events in Fearmonger’s funhouse, our heroes reunite at long last—though perhaps not all on the same side of the conflict. In ISSUE #09: CAUSE A SCENE, THE MUTANT takes action after weeks of investigation, RUSALKA flexes her skills in a new role, and SILVER SPIRIT comes to the rescue. 



Sep 6, 2022

CONTENT WARNINGS: drowning (0:31:18 to 0:34:42), emotional manipulation (0:56:07 to 1:08:44), body dysmorphia (0:54:16 to 0:54:45, 1:22:31 to 1:29:29), emotional abuse (1:13:42 to 1:20:59)


In pursuit of answers, our heroes enter an abandoned funhouse… and find themselves in Fearmonger’s grasp, and their own...