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The Unexplored Places

Apr 30, 2024

CONTENT WARNINGS: gore and descriptions of severe violence  (0:35:37, 0:39:50)

The paradox of hellstone has always been this: it’s plentiful on Antarras but too valuable to keep; it’s rare on Earth, where they have the resources to experiment. It’s so useful as a power source that it gets used up faster than the...

Apr 16, 2024

Justice isn’t a word that has much meaning on Antarras. At least, not in the long term. While each town might have been built up with its own best intentions, in the end practicality wins out over idealism every time. Any Company Marshal or local Sheriff makes the decision they think is best, and more often than not,...

Apr 2, 2024

CONTENT WARNINGS: body horror (0:27:00-0:30:00, 1:34:00), drug use (0:40:00-0:42:00)

Scarcity has always been the name of the game on Antarras—our time on this planet has practically been defined by it. As much as the prospect of a new home among the stars seemed to offer the promise of opportunities beyond those...