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The Unexplored Places

Sep 17, 2019

Catfishes!: The Rock Opera at the Gargoyle Theatre Promises to Delight, Disgust, and Despair

by Jorb Jarvis, Daily Albacore Quay Gazette

The Gargoyle Theatre, known primarily in Albacore Quay for its middle-of-the-road theatrical productions and its excellent Children's Theatre Tuesdays, is staging its riskiest venture yet: a world premiere rock opera penned by a local writer. 

According to Lloyd Webb-Andrews, who wrote the shows ambitious book and score, Catfishes! is a pensive meditation on the natural lifecycle of the catfish, as well as a deep, exhaustive examination of the trouble of the human psyche in absentia of nature. The show's orchestra features local experimental percussionist St. John Holiday, known for his work with crotales in water, as well as insta-famous drummer The Sticc, and lighting design by long-time Gargoyle technician and first-time designer, Bishop St. John. 

Still, I can't help but wonder if The Gargoyle would have been better served by selecting a less ambitious, or more relatable show for their first ever rock opera. Les Mis, for example, which is a reliable crowd-pleaser, would perhaps be easier for audiences to fully immerse themselves in, as the identifiable human characters might make it easier for audiences to relate to the story being told.

While judgement should likely be withheld until the show finally opens, one inside source who asked to remain anonymous let this reporter in on a secret: infighting between the orchestra and technical crew, as well as some financial issues, have led the show down a precarious path, with some involved doubting whether the show will even go up at all! 

All in all, the show is slated to be the experience of a lifetime, whether for better or for worse. You heard it here, folks, from The Daily Albacore Quay Gazette: be sure to get a ticket so you don't miss your chance. It'll be a story worth telling either way. 

Catfishes!: The Rock Opera opens for previews on September 17th, with opening night on the 24th. Tickets are now available from the box office, 


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